How & Why

The Super Mega Ride-n-Slide history

The Super Mega Ride-n-Slide was created at the Maize Quest Fun Park by Hugh McPherson and the Fun Park Team in 2019-2020. After tens of thousands of guests rode the first model, farms and campgrounds around the world asked to install the Super Mega Ride-n-Slide for their guests. Now over 100 Super Mega Ride-n-Slides, logging over ONE MILLION rides per year, are in operation with more locations joining in the fun each season.

The “Super Mega Ride-n-Slide,” often referred to by our clients as simply the “Super Mega Slide”, has been the top attraction for creating profitable combo tickets using no moving parts.

Super Mega Slide-N-Ride by Maize Quest
Super Mega Slide-N-Ride by Maize Quest

Why install the Super Mega Ride-N-Slide?

If you are looking for the next BIG thing to entertain your guests and grow your admission, sport rentals or activity revenue, Super Mega Ride-N-Slide is THE most cost-effective attraction.

  • Over 90% of Super Mega Ride-N-Slide operators increased admission or added combo tickets to ride
  • NO Moving Parts
  • NO ongoing fees or revenue share
  • Near ZERO operating costs other than ride attendants
  • Ride Safety approved in PA, OH, and more with professional safety manuals and employee video training INCLUDED FREE
  • SAVE when you build it yourself
  • Install it ONCE, use for years!

Snow tubing WITHOUT the snow!

Super Mega Slide, LLC works with agritourism destinations, campgrounds, small and large amusement parks, and theme parks to design safe, profitable dry snow-tubing attractions. No longer do ski slopes get to have all the fun seasonally. The Super Mega Ride-n-Slide allows year-round tubing attraction FUN – without the snow!

Super Mega Slide-N-Ride by Maize Quest
Super Mega Slide-N-Ride by Maize Quest

Custom installation for YOUR location

Park attraction design is unique to each and every location. We consult with our clients to save costs by using existing terrain and infrastructure, and efficiently utilizing minimal staff to safely operate attractions.